The main aim of this organization is to promote trade, investment, technological cooperation between the enterprises of India province and the rest of the world through the independent Honorary IETO advisors located globally. A developing India offers opportunity to compose and implement programmes to achieve further development in the discipline of infrastructure, pharmacy, automobiles, education, IT/BT, Science / Technology and many more — in an investor- friendly environment.

Promoting and assisting Indian based companies in making investments in the world and coordinating with all chambers of commerce of different countries in the world for effective networking. Organizing road shows to assist investors to invest in a particular field. Organizing and sponsoring various seminars on technological, economic, investment and trade cooperation for enterprises in India and various parts of the world. Providing guidelines pertaining to investment for foreigners and Indians to invest in a specific field. IETO formulate meetings for delegates All facilitation and hand-holding support to investors under the IETO Investment is being provided by IETO