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About IETO - Know More About Ieto

ABOUT IETO KNOW MORE ABOUT IETO IETO is dedicated to promote a globally recognized, specialized organisation of Economy and Trade and establish India and all its 29 states as a global centre in Foreign Trade by coordinating with various foreign countries, their missions in India and make them connect to various investors in their countries to do business with India and promote the primary organization which would set the standards for doing Foreign Trade and Commerce in all the 29 state in India and to give awareness in business of foreign trade and there by source potential investors in different parts of the world for investments into India.

IETO main object is to plan, promote, organize, implement, monitor and evaluate schemes, projects, activities, etc., for commerce development in the 29 State of India by Increasing rural income and women empowerment by generating employment and Contributing to the social and economic development of rural and urban areas by Facilitating coordination of the work of different departments, NGOs and private agencies dealing in various aspects of export and import and enter into partnership or any joint venture with any Foreign Embassy, Consulate, Consular Mission, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Body, Company, Society, Association or person, or to co‐operate with or subsidize or assist in any way such Company, Society, Association or any person to mobilize funds from various sources such as self‐generation, State Government/Central Government and their agencies, Banks, International Funding Agencies, Private Sector, etc., as donation, grant, aid, loan, equity participation, goodwill, subsidy etc., for meeting the objectives.